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The Traffic and Funnels Show

Aug 29, 2018

What’s the most critical key to successful finances?

Changing the way you think about money.

If you hold an unhealthy relationship with money, you’re always going to find yourself hitting the invisible glass ceiling and never breaking through and ‘getting ahead.’

In this episode, Chris and Taylor share 3 mindset...

Aug 27, 2018

It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. And when it comes to business, hiring just one rotten person could potentially ruin the whole team and hold you back from achieving success.

In today’s show, Chris and Taylor bring the FIRE and give you their inside scoop on hiring and firing in your business. They share...

Aug 22, 2018

Making the decision whether or not you should go to college is a big one.

Attaining a college degree takes time - up to four years.
Attaining a college degree costs money - thousands of dollars for most people.

So you may be stuck at a crossroads asking yourself, “is it worth it? Should I go to college?” In...

Aug 20, 2018

Our lives are shaped and defined by our ability to make decisions. Be it your relationships, business or something else...everything boils down to the decisions we make.

Procrastinating, paralysis by analysis, perfectionism, over-thinking…call it what you will, when it comes to making decisions, many people seize and...

Aug 16, 2018

We all have a relationship with our money, but while a small minority of people treat their bank account like a trusted friend, most people view it with guilt, fear, and anxiety. One of the best ways to improve your relationship with money is the same way you’d go about improving any relationship - with love.