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The Traffic and Funnels Show

Mar 28, 2018

If you want to reach your income goals, you need to learn how to speak the language of money. But why do so many people live a life of self-sabotage, one of quiet desperation and scarcity because of their twisted, messed up view of money?

Money is nothing more than a tool. And today, you’re going to learn how to...

Mar 26, 2018

Since 2017, cryptocurrency has risen in value by more than 2,500%. It’s a worldwide irrational gold rush, many people have invested in. But just like gold, rare baseball cards or stocks, they have the potential to plummet as well as rise.

So what’s the answer? Should you invest in Bitcoin - and if so, how should you...

Mar 21, 2018

On your journey to success, it’s inevitable at some point you’re going to have to deal with haters and naysayers.

With the recent explosion of social media, there’s definitely no shortage of people slinging their hate and opinions directly at you. It’s like the wild west out there. And to survive, you’ve...

Mar 19, 2018

The Hamptons are a favorite holiday destination for the rich and famous. Located on Long Island, they are one of the most historical summer colonies ad highest income areas in the northeastern United States.

So why are we talking about billionaire lanes of ‘vacation havens,’ private helipads and rich retreats? This...

Mar 14, 2018

Many people live their lives having no clue what they actually want.

Oftentimes, they follow dreams of somebody else, or one they thought was expected of them - not an outcome true of themselves. On the other hand, if you have
a clear idea of the life you want, you’re able to carve and create your reality and live a...